Hybrid Combiner

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Hybrid Combiner to cover global  application bandwidths.


  • Low Insertion Loss & VSWR
  • High Reliability and warranty
  • High power rating and reliability
  • Easy and simple installation with custom connectors


Suitable for Tetra IBS or DAS system installation, to split the power rating to individual distribution of signal

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Product list

**Custom components customized to suit your application are available on request.

Part N°FrequencyIn/OutConnectorPowerPIM ValueIP 
110119698-2700 MHz2 In 2 outN(f)200W≦ -150dBc @2x 20WIP66Datasheet
12-UEAA0I3-22698-2700 MHz2 In 2 outN(f)200W≦ -150dBc @2x 20WIP66Datasheet
12-UEAC0I5-21698-2700 MHz2 In 1 outDIN(f)200W≦ -155dBc @2x 20WIP66Datasheet
12-UEAC0N3-44698-2700 MHz 4 In 4 outDIN(f)600W≦ -150dBc @2x 20WIP66Datasheet  
12-UEAC0M3-22698-2700 MHz2 In 2 outDIN(f)500W≦ -150dBc @2x 20WIP65Datasheet  
12-UEAC0M7-22698-2700 MHz 2 In 2 outDIN(f)500W≦ -160dBc @2x 20WIP65Datasheet  
12-UEAC0G3-42698-2700 MHz4 In 2 outDIN(f)100W≦ -150dBc @2x 20WIndoorDatasheet  
12-HUAC0K3-22138-960 MHz 2 In 2 outDIN(f)300W≦ -150dBc @2x 20WIP66Datasheet  
12-HUAA0K3-22138-960 MHz 2 In 2 outN(f)300W≦ -150dBc @2x 20WIP66Datasheet  
12-HUAE0K3-22138-960 MHz 2 In 2 out4.3-10 (f)300W≦ -150dBc @2x 20WIP66Datasheet  
12-VVBC0IN-22380-500 MHz 2 In 2 outDIN(f)200WNIP65Datasheet  

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