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Panel  and onmi antennas, suitable for any in-building cellular weak spots or dead zones signal improvement LTE MIMO 2×2  ANTENNAS   antennas  also available . In-building cellular signal enhancement for offices, shops, basements, parking lots, public areas, etc.


  • In-building cellular signal enhancement for standard frequency bands. Can be used for GSM/CDMA/PCS/ CDMA2000/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE/FDD-LTE /5G.
  • Polarization: Horizontal.
  • Qualified PIM performance.
  • Low VSWR values.

Compact size and light weight making it easy to instal

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Product list

**Custom components customized to suit your application are available on request.

Part N°FrequencyType Mimo/ Siso Gain ConnectorPowerPIM @2x20W 
21-OUEAA2S4-D1698-2700MHzPanelsiso2/4 dBi
N Female50 Watt≤-140 dBcDownload
21-PUEAA2S9-D1698-2700MHzPanelsiso9 dBi
N Female50 Watt≤-140 dBcDownload  
21-UEAA0F3-OS 698-2700MHzOmnisiso2/4 dBi
N Female50 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UEAA0F3-OM 698-2700MHzOmnimimo 2/4 dBiN Female50 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UEAA0F3-OM V2698-2700MHzOmnimimo 3/4.5 dBiN Female50 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-OUEAA2S4-D1698-2700MHzOmnisiso2/4 dBiN Female50 Watt≤-140 dBcDatasheet
21-PUEAA2S9-D1698-2700MHzPanelsiso6,5/9 dBiN Female50 Watt≤-140 dBcDatasheet
21-UEAA0F3-PS 698-2700MHzPanelsiso5/7 dBiN Female50 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UEAA0F3-PM 698-2700MHzPanelmimo 6/7 dBiN Female50 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UEAA0F3-PM V2698-2700MHzPanelmimo 7/8 dBiN Female50 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-YUEAA2S9-D1698-2700MHzYagisiso8/9 dBiN Female50 Watt≤-140 dBcDatasheet
21-UEAA0G2-YS 698-2700MHzYagisiso7/9 dBiN Female100 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UEAA0F2-YS 698-2700MHzYagisiso9.5±1/10±1 dBiN Female50 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UEAA0F2-PS 698-2700MHzPanelsiso7/10 dBiN Female50 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UEAA0F2-OS 698-2700MHzOmnisiso6 /8 dBi N Female50 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UEAC0F2-OS 698-2700MHzOmnisiso6 /8 dBi DIN female50 Watt≤-140 dBcDatasheet  
21-LEAA0CN-OS 1710-2170MHzOmnisiso9 dBiN Female10 WattNDatasheet  
21-UEAA0L2-PS 698-2700MHzPanelsiso14/14 dBiN Female400(/200)Watt≤-140 dBcDatasheet  
21-UEAA0F3-OS 698-2700MHzOmnisiso2/5 dBiN Female50 WattNDatasheet  
21-UEAA0F3-PS 698-2700MHzPanelsiso7/8 dBiN Female50 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-VUAA0FN-OS 350-900MHzOmnisiso1.5±0.5/2±0.5 dBiN Female50 WattNDatasheet  
21-VUAA0FN-PS 350-900MHzPanelsiso5±0.5 dBiN Female50 WattNDatasheet  
21-VUAA0FN-PS V2350-900MHzPanelsiso5±0.5 dBiN Female50 WattNDatasheet  
21-UEAA0FN-OS 698-2700MHzOmnisiso2 /4 dBi

N Female50 Watt≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UEKA0GA-CS 806-2700MHzOmnisiso8±1 dBiN Female100 Watt≤-107dBcDatasheet  
21-UEAA0H3-OS 698-2700MHzOmni siso2.0/3.5 dBi
N Female150W≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-OUFCE3S-5698-3800MHzOmni siso1.5|2|3|4±1 dBi4.3-10 Female 50W≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-OUFCE3M-5698-3800MHzOmni mimo2.5|3.5|4.5|5±1 dBi4.3-10 Female X 250W≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UFCXXH3-OS 698-3800MHzOmni siso2.0±0.5/5±1 dBiOptional150W≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UEAXXH3-OS 698-2700MHzOmni siso2.0±0.5/5±1 dBiOptional150W≤-150 dBcDatasheet
21-UEAXXH3-PS 698-2700MHzPanelsiso7± 0.5/8± 1dBiOptional150W≤-150 dBcDatasheet    
21-PUFCE3S-5698-3800MHzPanelsiso5.5|6.5|8|7±1dBi4.3-10 Female50W≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-PUFCE3M-5698-3800MHzPanelmimo5.5|8.5|7±1dBi4.3-10 Female X 250W≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-UFCXXH3-PS 698-3800MHzPanelsiso6±0.5/8±1dBiOptional150W≤-150 dBcDatasheet  
21-FFAXXHN-PM 3400-3800MHzPanelmimo 16 dBiOptional150WNDatasheet  
21-LED0G2-PM 1710- 2690 MHz Panelmimo ≥10 dBi4.3-10 Female X 2100W
≤-140 dBcDatasheet  
21-LED0G2-PM V21710- 2690 MHz Panelmimo ≥11 dBi4.3-10 Female X 2100W
≤-140 dBcDatasheet  
21-LED0G2-PM V31710- 2690 MHz Panelmimo ≥11.5dBi4.3-10 Female X 2100W
≤-140 dBcDatasheet  
21-UUA0G2-PM 885-960 MHzPanelmimo ≥8.5 dBi4.3-10 Female X 2

≤-140 dBcDatasheet  

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