Colliner Antenna

In telecommunications, a collinear antenna array (sometimes colinear antenna array) is an array of dipole or quarter-wave antennas mounted in such a manner that the corresponding elements of each antenna are parallel and Collinearity; that is, they are located along a common axis.

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Part N°FrequencyUse Gain ConnectorPowerPIMEnvironment
25- VUEA0GN-O5470-510 MhzIOT (Lora)5 dBiN Female100WNOutdoor
25- UUTA0GN-O3 862-870  MhzIOT (Lora)3 dBiN Female100WNOutdoor
25- UUTA0GN-O5 862-870 MHzIOT (Lora)5 dBiN Female100WNOutdoor
25- UUTA0GN-O8  862-870 MHzIOT (Lora)8 dBiN Female100WNOutdoor
25- UUUA0GN-O3 902-928 MHzIOT (Lora)3 dBiN Female100WNOutdoor
25- UUUA0GN-O5902-928 MHzIOT (Lora)5 dBiN Female100WNOutdoor
25- UUUA0GN-O8 902-928 MHzIOT (Lora)8 dBiN Female100WNOutdoor
25- UUVA0GN-O3 862-928 MHzIOT (Lora)3 dBiN Female100WNOutdoor
25- UUVA0GN-O5 862-928 MHzIOT (Lora)5 dBiN Female100WNOutdoor
25-UELA0H3-O2698-2690 MHz4G LTE / WiFi 2 dBi/ 4dBiN Female150W<-150dBc @ 2X30dBm Outdoor
25-LEDBA0H3-O21710-2690 MHz4G LTE / WiFi 2 dBiN Female 150W<-150dBc @ 2X30dBm Outdoor
25-LEDB0H3-O21710-2690 MHz4G LTE / WiFi 2 dBiN Male 150W<-150dBc @ 2X30dBm Outdoor
25-ECAA0HN-O62400-6000 MHz4G LTE / WiFi 6 dBi/ 6 dBiN Female 150WNOutdoor
25-ECAB0HN-O62400-6000 MHz4G LTE / WiFi 6 dBi/ 6 dBiN Male 150WNOutdoor
25-EECA0HN-O62400-2500 MHz4G LTE / WiFi 6 dBiN Female 150WNOutdoor

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