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Cavity Power Splitter


BRIDGE SPLITTERS are suitable for all In-building or Outdoor DAS signal enhancements projects.

Frequency: 698-2700 MHz
Connector: N Female
Splits: 2/3/4 Way
Power Rating: 300W


      • Available in 2/3/4Way
      • PIM level is optional at-150dBc/-155dBc/-160dBc
      • Available with N, Din and 4.3-10 type connectors
      • High IP Class, up to IP65
      • Compact, light weight and easy to install
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Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range 698-2700 MHz
Distribution Loss 3.0dB/4.8dB/6.0dB
Insertion Loss ≤0.4dB/≤0.4dB/≤0.5dB
VSWR/Return Loss ≤1.25/-19dB
Power Rating 300W
Impedance 50 Ω

Mechanical Specifications

Connectors N Female
Dimensions(mm) 199x25x25 /234x25x25 /236x25x25
Weight 0.21 kg/ 0.25 kg/ 0.29 kg
Color Black

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature -25˚C~+65 ˚C
Humidity ≤95%
IP Rating IP65(Indoor & Outdoor)

Installation Specifications

Installation Method Wall Mounting

Documentation & Downloads

Product Specifications

  15-UEAAXXR-O1- Product Specifcation Sheet